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Machine-Aided Translation Consultant (5X001-14-1157)

Tenderer: Courts Administration Service
Tender type: Request for proposal
Date posted: March 3, 2015
Value: $0.00
Timeframe for delivery: As Per Day
Reference number: PW-15-00674109
Outsourcer Global Reference: PGREF785
Contact Name: Gosselin, Francis
Contact Phone: 613-240-5907
Tender opens: 2nd March 2015 02:00 pm
Tender closes: 10th April 2015 02:00 pm
Tender closes local: 2015-04-11 12:00:00
Timezone: Pacific/Midway(GMT-11:00)
Time until tender closes

1. Objective

The Courts Administration Service (CAS) is looking to reduce its translation cost and the translation delays by using machine-aided translation systems. This Contract aims to procure the services of a consultant who will supply expertise to CAS for its machine-aided translation project.

2 Deliverables

For the duration of the Contract, the Contractor will perform the following:

• Revision
o Scope out the requirements to contract the services of a freelance revisor who will help with the linguistic evaluation of the project.
• Technology
o Scope out the requirements for the machine aided translation environnement / translation memory environment.
o Help estimate the probable costs for the technology.
o Establish the parameters by which bids will be evaluated.
o Propose answers to questions asked by Bidders during the Request for proposal (RFP) process.
o Evaluate the submissions received in response to the RFP process.
o Assist CAS in choosing the winning bid.
• Proof of concept
o Establish the parameters for a pilot project.
o Choose the texts which will be used for the pilot project.
o Work closely with the supplier to set up the automation process in an optimal way.
o With the revisor, evaluate the output of the machine-aided translation process and make the necessary changes.
o Pepare a report evaluating the project and making final recommendations regarding the use of machine-aided translation and how to best set it up.
• Permanent Implementation (if solution is recommended)
o Work with supplier to set up full implementation at CAS.
o Work with designated CAS employees to ensure full comprehension of process.
o Establish best practices and processes.

3. Period of Work

The services of the Contractor will be from Contract award to March 31, 2016. The Contract will include an option to extend the contract up to a year. The estimated level of effort is 100 days during the Contract period and 50 days during the option year.

4. Evaluation Process and Selection Methodology

Basis of selection – Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit and Price

5. Contracting Authority

Francis Gosselin
A/Director, Contracting and Materiel Management
Courts Administration Service
90 Sparks St – Suite 921
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H9
Tel: 613-240-5907
Email: Procurement.Approvisionnement@cas-satj.gc.ca

The Contracting Authority is responsible for all matters of a contractual nature.

6. Enquiries – solicitation stage

All enquiries or issues concerning this procurement must be submitted in writing to the Contracting Authority named as early as possible within the bidding period.

Enquiries and issues must be received by the Contracting Authority no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the bid closing date specified on the cover page or this RFP document to allow sufficient time to provide a response. Enquiries or issues received after that time may not be able to be answered prior to the bid closing date.

7. Intellectual Property

The intellectual property shall vest with Canada under the following exception:
(6.5) where the material developed or produced consists of material subject to copyright, with the exception of computer software and all documentation pertaining to that software.

8. Security

The RFP contains a security requirement. Please see RFP document for additional information.

Other Instructions

Address: 90 Sparks St Ottawa ON K1A 0H9 CA Region of opportunity: Canada, Mexico, United States Region of delivery: National Capital Region Trade agreement: Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
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