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Head of SEA and Performance Marketing – Uncapped potential, long-term and the ability to make an impact

Date posted: July 23, 2018
Company: Information Products AG Estefano Elhawary
Salary: $4,000.00 Uncapped potential earnings, results based.
Work type: Full time
Outsourcer Global Reference: PGREF1365

Position description

We are a growing digital company based in Switzerland that offers its employees, the best self-starters to organize themselves, contribute and achieve by committing to the Number one, yes, highest traffic dating advice site in Germany, with over 41 million views on Youtube.

The Company:

Information Products AG is taking over the digital advice and self-help products in the world. Present for over 10 years and with 60 employees, who are working exclusively at home in the home office, it belongs to a new group of companies that can work without a central office.

We are known for long-term potential and we are being led by one of the greatest young visionaries in the European digital stage.

· We are a top-rated provider of freelance jobs and remote work, having spent more than 100k in the freelance market.

· We are exclusively looking for absolute A-players and rock-stars in the online marketing field, totally disciplined in the home office and have a burning desire to help as many men as possible in their success with women and their financial success.

The Position: We’re looking for a full-time Head of SEA and Performance Marketing, our Online Commander of the troops.

· We offer exceptional salary potential

· The ability to create, assemble and lead a team of Rock-stars


· Native in the German language
· 4+ years of online marketing experience with a focus on SEA, Youtube, Adwords and Google Analytics
· Leadership potential and experience
· Experience running and managing paid social and display campaigns
· ROI is your best friend
· Strong organizational and analytical skills
· Managing medium to large budgets (10k euros + / month minimum), and deliver results with SEA


· Setup, manage and optimize campaigns for display and retargeting across Adwords with a heavy focus on YouTube.
· Source and implement keywords, create ad copy, manage budgets, implement strategies, optimize campaigns to meet KPIs and research websites.
· Work closely with the company owner.
· Develop a strong understanding of the products, competitors, industry and the marketing goals of the company
· Managing and optimizing bids and budgets, impression shares, quality scores, and conversions.
· Map every all our youtube videos to keywords (in AdWords and on youtube), test interesting new strategies to advertise our youtube videos, understand our entire marketing and conversion funnel and deliver.

The Location: Information Products AG is based in Switzerland. The job that we are offering is remote-based, flexible, in the comfort of your home.

Why Should You Apply?
· Results based pay, I mean seriously, the more you do, the more you get paid, period. Uncapped potential.
· Reliable, long-term engagement
· Highly flexible working time and – 100% home office job.
· To make an impact on the dating world.
· The ability to build and deliver a new marketing team.

Send your CV and a portfolio of your greatest work to [email protected]

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