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One to One Marketing

Date posted: May 17, 2020
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $250.00
Estimated end date: 2021-05-17

We are looking for freelancers to conduct telemarketing/social media marketing targeting to directors or board members of major Europe airlines:

1.To promote our company’s revolutionary Fin-Tech Innovation that can save the airlines from the Coronavirus recession,for more details,refer to:



2.Telemarketing or social media marketing targeting the phone numbers and social media accounts provided by us;
3.Organize contacts between us and the airlines’ board members through live chat,video calls and instant messages:
4.After a freelancer book an event with a prospective client,He/she should inform us to deposit the funds into outsourcerglobal escrow account,when the task is completed,the payment will be released to the freelancer.

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