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Simple lottery style app running on android platform

Date posted: March 2, 2015
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $
Estimated end date: 2015-03-09

The app will have two ends, collector and server, server will collect data from multiples collector, transfer of data will be via Bluetooth of Wi-Fi direct.

collector: 4.0in display android phone
server: table motorola xoom 10.1in

– “collectors” will collect plays from finals clients on a daily basis, at the end of each day like a lottery will be winning numbers.
– There will be 3 winning numbers from 1-100
– Plays will have 4 types of modes, (F, C, P, D)

ex winning numbers: 45 , 12, 54
where 45=F and 12, 54= C

F: Single play first number
C: Single play of one of the two last numbers in any order
P: combination of 2 numbers in any order
D: combination of 3 numbers or more in any order wich will result in multiples “P” plays (Ex: 21,15,7 D = 21-15P, 21-7P, 15-7P)

Date (automatically from network)
Device ID ( Each collector has a unique ID )
Numbers: (multiples numbers from 1-100)
Play: F,C,P,D
Amount ($)
Transaction ID (each entry generates a unique id, can be the last 2 digits of the device id plus a number following a sequence)

This is what a play looks like and what a “collector” will record:
“ 01/01/2015 / ID0001 / 42 / F / $2 “
“ 01/01/2015 / ID0001 / 12.54 / P / $1”

Workflow collector:
Records entry → Closing Day → Transfer to server

Workflow Server:
Receive records → Closing day → Winning numbers

– After closing neither collector nor server can modify any records

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